Grillo DOC

Salaparuta Doc


Grapes: Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto e Zibibbo.
Denomination: DOC
Production area: Sicily
Alcohol content: 12,5%


Colour: Natural yellow.
Fragrance: Complex and citrusy.
Taste: Fresh and well balanced.
Serving temperature: 8°-10° C
Serving suggestions: perfect with pasta, fish and spicy white meat.


The vineyards are located on the hills with clay soil. they are cultivated with the espallier system and the pruning is Guyot.


The grapes are harvested by hand in the end of August, first decade of September, and are vinified in purity in small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature of 16°C.


The maturation occurs in small stainless steel tanks with battonage in the first months of refining.


From the old vineyards shaken by intense pulsions that rise from the deep roots of the earth to shake the best grapes, this wine comes to life with the authentic Mediterranean fragrance, vibrant at the hot winds from the South and at the cold winds from the North.